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Keeping your customers safe - made easy

Making your customers feel safe while on your premises is the key business issue in these uncertain times. Businesses across the UK such as pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, tea rooms are legally required to collect the contact details of patrons and visitors to their premises. This is to assist the NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace scheme. Let us do the data capture and retention work in accordance with the strict demands of data protection thereby freeing your front line staff to provide a first class experience to your patrons.

Helping your business get back to normal by reassuring walk-in patrons to feel safe.

A robust, safe and secure solution

Our systems have been keeping millions of records safe and secure for over 20 years. We have worked with businesses of all sizes in the travel, hospitality, leisure and photography sectors.

Simple to use

On arrival your patrons send a text message to a dedicated number which is prominently displayed at entrances or on noticeboards. Only one number per couple/group is required.

Secure retention

The text message sends the venue's unique ID, time stamp and patron mobile number to our secure servers. Held only for 21 days as required by the NHS test and trace system.

Instant response

If the NHS Test and Trace team make contact asking for details of patrons on your premises on a certain day or time window our system will deliver the data instantly.

Data protection paramount

Collecting patron data in a diary or on a notepad is cheap and easy but this ties up essential staff, runs the risk of the notepad being stolen, lost or damaged. Also having an open notepad with patron's private data on view breaches data protection legislation. Breaches carry the risk of both civil and criminal actions which may result in fines, compensation orders and bad publicity.

Our system is managed in accordance with the strict demands imposed on data controllers by the general data protection regulations and accompanying legislation.

Our system is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office

No apps to download and it's safe for patrons to use.

Custom stand alone system not integrated with any marketing, government or Big Tech spyware.

Features of our services

Our robust and extremely secure system does all the hard work but the front end is as simple as a SMS to a dedicated number on our system. One monthly subscription keeps you free to concentrate on providing service to your patrons.

Get rid of paper

No need for insecure notepads or diaries.

Easy to use

One SMS or WhatsApp message. No new apps to install.

Data storage

Patron data held securely off your premises

Instant response

Instant delivery of patron details to your mobile on request

What is NHS test and trace?

If a previous patron of your premises falls ill and tests positive for Covid-19, the NHS test and trace staff will ask that individual about his/her movements in the previous 7 days, trying to identify as many contacts as possible including visits to licensed premises, coffee shops, tea rooms, museums etc.

The NHS will try to identify the contact details of all those premises and contact the owner/managers asking for details of all known patrons within a time window on a particular day so that the NHS team can make contact with those other patrons.

At the moment participation in the NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace service is voluntary (in England) for venue owners but participation demonstrates a responsible, caring approach to patrons.

As from Sat 15th August it is now a mandatory requirement for venue owners in Scotland to collect and store patron details.

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One solution - one price

We keep things simple. No set up fees. Just one monthly fee covers everything our service provides.

Normal price £60/month

50% discount per month (forever) if sign up in September


  • A4 sheet of instructions for staff.
  • 2 x A4 correx notices for entrances and noticeboards.
  • Certificate of Covid-19 test and trace compliance with GDPR
  • Cancel your subscription any time


Our data security system has been protecting customers for over 20 years. Running on brand new state of the art infrastructure we can handle millions of records every day.

We created the back-end database for Photo-Me; the world leading self-service photo booths.

We created the back-end database for Baggage Check; a provider of self-service weigh scales in airports across the UK and Europe.

Our engineers have been working on the bespoke TRACR DATASAFE system, now available to clients of all sizes in the leisure, travel and hospitality sectors to help keep customers safe and aware of the NHS Covid-19 test and trace service.

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